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Location:Zurich, Switzerland
I first got into yaoi in 1998 - such a long time ago. It all started with Ranma 1/2, and I then became a fan of Gundam wing Yaoi without having seen the series (back then it was not available in Switzerland).
I migrated to Harry Potter Slash and then, in my mid-Twenties, I left all fandoms for several reasons. Partly people I didn't like, partly because much of what I read back then clashed with my core beliefs about equality. Seriously, did Relena and Hilde have to be bitches in every fanfic? And were the girls in HP not allowed to do more than a) be bitches or b) useless or c) relegated to help Harry and Draco get together? Maybe I read the wrong stuff, but no. And let's not talk about the way disability or race was handled. I guess, I read a lot of the wrong stuff.

I just recently rediscovered the joy of writing fanfiction. I used to write them in German, I switched to English mainly because my studies and my job require me to write English and I read so much more English fanfics, watch the series in English etc. so it seems more natural I guess.
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